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Sensory Sundays

Sensory Sundays


Shoppers visiting Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre may shortly be greeted with the sound of silence! The Centre is looking at introducing SENSORY SUNDAYS on the last Sunday of every month. This will be a day where the centre hosts an easier shopping experience for people with sensory issues or disabilities. Sensory Sundays allows shoppers with sensory impairments to access Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre in a more comfortable atmosphere and in a way that their needs are either met, or at least understood by the centre and its retailers.

On this day all the music in the malls will be turned off and stores requested to either turn their in-store music off or have it at a very low level. Some store managers will wear a brightly coloured top to make it easier to find them, make more room in the store and dim the lights if possible.

“There are many people, including children, that find common sounds painful and overwhelming so we are looking to launch Sensory Sundays,” says Neil Griffin, Centre Manager.

We will be launching the first Sensory Sunday on May 28th.