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Sensory Sundays

In May 2017, we launched Sensory Sundays at Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre. This is when the centre hosts an easier shopping experience for people with sensory issues or disabilities, on the last Sunday of every month. Sensory Sunday’s allows shoppers with sensory impairments to access the centre in a more comfortable atmosphere and in a way that their needs are either or at least understood by the centre and retailers. The centre meets these needs by turning off the centre music and some stores will even wear brightly coloured t-shirts to show they are there to help!

Similar projects have already been launched with other shopping centres and the feedback has been very positive.

Sensory Sunday’s will continue throughout 2018 on the following dates:

March 25th

April 29th

May 27th

June 24th

July 29th

August 26th

September 30th

October 28th

November 25th

December 30th

Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre's Sensory Shopping guides:

Click here to download the Visual Accessibility Guide

Click here to download the Autism Card

Click here to download the Autism Friendly Detailed Handbook

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